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Restaurant museum, which offers a global discovery of the Peruvian culture.

Located in Toronto’s Little Italy, Mochica restaurant showcases the richness and diversity of Peruvian cuisine from aboriginal specialities to contemporary Peruvian fusion delicacies.

Five sorts of ceviche including pre- and post-Columbian versions as well as a vegan quinoa ceviche detail the culinary history of Peru. Cordon Bleu Chef Martin Oré draws particular inspiration from his ancestral aboriginal Mochica culture. Whether the alpaca burger and cassava fries or the fresh fish and warming meat stews, each dish is infused with the aromas and flavours of ancient and modern Peru.

Cocktails from specially imported Peruvian spirits and wines selected by sommelier and co-owner Claude Pétrin compliment the cuisine.

Mochica restaurant in Toronto is the Oré-Pétrin team’s second restaurant in Canada. Mochica on St. Denis Blvd opened 12 years ago to rave reviews, and the Mochican Palace Hotel and Restaurant in Peru opened in 2013.

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Martin Ore

Owner & Chef

Drawing on his knowledge of family recipes and the rich culinary history of his native Peru, Cordon Bleu Chef Martin Oré combines fresh Ontario ingredients with authentic Peruvian ones which he imports through a separate business that also imports Peruvian spirits. Twelve years ago he opened his Montreal restaurant on the city’s fashionable St. Denis Blvd and ever since he has been receiving accolades for his cooking from Quebec media. An ambassador for Peruvian cuisine, Oré makes frequent television appearances and has served as chief of gastronomy for Peruvian exhibits at the Musée des Beaux Arts. He has also developed menus for UNESCO’s Year of Quinoa under the direction of former first lady of Peru, Nadine Heredia.

In 2013, Oré opened the Mochican Palace Hotel with its accompanying restaurant, in northern Peru. He likes to decorate his places with reproductions of artifacts from the Mochican culture.

Twelve years after opening his first Canadian restaurant, the chef and his business parter and sommelier Claude Pétrin, have their sights set on Toronto, bringing their brand of the ancient-modern cuisine of Peru to the city.

Claude Pétrin

Coproprétaire, maître d'hôte et sommelier

Passionné de son travail, Claude possède plus de 20 ans d'expérience en gestion et service à la clientèle, le service de bar et la formation.

Il a été copropriétaire des restaurants Mañana et Siempre Mañana à Montréal durant 11 ans et copropriétaire du Restaurant MOCHICA à Montréal depuis 2004.

Il est aussi copropriétaire de Vins & Alcools du Pérou, une agence d'importation privé de vins et Piscos du Pérou et représentant commercial au Canada des trois plus importants vignobles du Pérou: Queirolo, Tacama et Tabernero.

Son expérience dans la mixologie lui a permis de mériter la première place pour le meilleur Pisco Sour à Montréal au Restaurant Mochica sur le portail de Yelp.

Sa qualité dans le service personnalisé à la clientèle, est bien apprécié par les critiques sur Tripadvisor.


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